It certainly feels weird to finally have a proper looking homepage. For nearly nine years, all my homepages were exceedingly simplistic placeholders for my projects. Now things have changed, and I decided to create a blog/project hybrid. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. Maybe even put a couple Twitter links to my profile, and several oversized RSS feed icons all over the page. That should allow me to fit in gracefully.

Keep your eye on this page because there will be many interesting posts to come on many issues which may be of interest to you (I have no clue yet what those issues might be). I have at least one well-published author, Kareem Shaheen, that’s going to be writing as a special guest for Blachan Lab. I’m not joking– he’s written for the AP and several well-established newspapers, magazines and blogs.

You may now read more about me or visit one of my projects linked above.

Oh, and Blachan Lab is only this one laboratory, not a bunch of them. So you say (and type) Blachan Lab and not Blachan Labs. Only awesome registered companies get to names themselves using the plural form, such as Google Labs, Mozilla Labs and Adobe Labs.